Hair extensions gives you many advantages, but also demands careful treatment and timely correction. It takes time and efforts to brush and style your hair.

  • If you want to dye the hair roots or highlight the hair, do it before the procedure of hair extension.
  • Before applying extensions wash your hair with preparatory shampoo, do not use any conditioner.
  • Extension should be done on dry hair, preferably dried from roots to ends.
  • It’s better to make haircut (adaptation) on straight ironed hair.
  • If the volume and length of hair extensions exceed the volume and length of your own hair and is not trimmed by the end of extension pricedure, the final look will be unnatural and you may have difficulties in taking care of your hair.
  • Don’t wash your hair for two days after the extension procedure.
  • It is recommeded to wash the extended hair with your head tilted back. Do not wash the hair with your head tilted forward, as it can damage hair extensions. After washing and nourishing your hair with professional care products brush it carefully starting with the ends.
  • Do not apply balsam, conditioner or mask on the hair roots and capsules but only along the length of the hair. Do not use any oil containing products for scalp and roots zone. Especially it concerns tape extensions.
  • Dry and brush your hair before styling. Use any hair-setting devices like hair dryer, flat and curling iron or hair rollers.
  • Don’t go to bed with wet hair!
  • Make a pony tail or to plait your hair before going to bed.
  • Be careful when dying or toning your hair, thoroughly wash off the colourant. It’s better do it at the salon.
  • Color your hair using only toning (acid) dyes or color creams with lotion concentration up to 6%. It is strictly prohibited to use decolorizers and blonders.
  • Be careful when styling thin and weak hair in temporal zone.
  • Correction time after extension is determined individually. On average it should be done in 1,5 – 2 months.
  • With due care one set of hair extensions can be reused for 3 or 4 times (2 or 3 corrections). Use extra tapes and capsules for correction.
  • Use professional care products for hair extensions.

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