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Our main goal is to make millions of women around the world happy by giving them long, silky, beautiful, healthy hair.


For as long as I can remember myself, I remember my hair; for as long as I remember my hair, I will remember myself …

I will always remember how, as an 18-year-old, I tirelessly travelled around Russia in search of the finest, softest and silkiest hair for the few clients I had at that time. Time has marched on, and time is truly golden. In 2004, having sourced the best raw material possible - virgin Russian hair – and having combined and mastered the modern technologies of gentle hair treatment along with the best traditions of hair product manufacturing, we launched our own line of premium quality hair extensions – and the Slavic Hair Company was born. After 10 years of success in the Russian market, we decided it was time to get closer to our international clients and took the decision to open our first European sales office in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Today, as a result of combining the very latest in production technology coupled with the best raw materials in the world, we are able to proudly present to you our unique line of premium quality Slavic hair extensions! Enjoy!

— Yours sincerely

Dmitry Lyashchuk

Dmitry Lyashchuk

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The Slavic Hair Company is a Russian-Slovenian manufacturer specialized in producing premium quality, cuticle hair extensions. It was founded in 1999 in Russia and was initially focused on supplying virgin Russian hair worldwide. Having very successfully established ourselves in that market, we branched out and started producing our own line of top-quality hair extensions made exclusively from natural Slavic and Caucasian hair. We now operate a large hair factory capable of processing more than 400 kg of hair a month and sell our products in the Russian, European, and US markets.

Our mission is to make millions of women around the world happy with long, silky, beautiful and healthy hair, and to prove that high-quality hair extensions are affordable for everybody. Our main priorities are to provide the highest quality hair products backed up the best customer service on offer. All our products carry a certificate of authenticity and guaranteed quality. We are constantly upgrading our product line while maintaining our brand image, which thousands of happy customers all over the world would attest to.

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    Julia Zimina

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    Barbara Zibert

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    Antonia Kulkova

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    Vesna Dokic

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    Angela Petrevska

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